Friday, 29 March 2013


Its out! Officially! The Maleficent Seven is out!

Not in NZ, though. But once again, I still have the book before its release date (in NZ) second time in a row. I am good.

So, we first got a sneak preview of the cover a while back...

And, personally, I thought that this cover would be epic.

But it was not so.

We then saw THIS, and I almost died it was so awesome.

And THEN, much more recently, this came out...
Its epic. Look at it! Its a poster ant I NEED it! Its awesome. Ive read TMS, and can safely say, it is awesome. Erm, what else...  oh! Also, the Exquisite Corpse Comp look really exciting!
Argh how do I get the writing to behave I wanted all of this paragraph to be BELOW the picture. Its messed up. Anyway, quick post, but I thought it'd be better than nothing - happy easter!

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    I'M SO JELOUS NOW!!!!!