Wednesday, 16 April 2014


~I did actually write this in JANRUARY. I just... ahem...  forgot to press the publish button because I'm clever like that ~

2014 is here and I've made a few New Years Resolutions that I have to write down somewhere so I actually KEEP them...  

Resolution no. 1 is to keep my other new years resolutions. This one's important.
No. 2 : To post more stuff on here, I'm awful when it comes to blogging...
No. 3 : To WRITE MORE!! I love writing, but recently I've let other things take priority, and I haven't written anything in months.
No. 4 : To visit blogland more often!

I've got a few less important ones hiding up there in my brain too.

ANYWAY now that ive got that over and done with, I can rant about doctor who.

Okay, so first of all, the 50th. It was epic beyond capable understanding. Matt Smith AND David Tennant AND John Hurt. Together. In the same room. If you think about it too much, your head explodes from the awesomeness.

 I was disappointed that Billie Piper wasn't actually Rose as such, I was looking forward to seeing Rose again, even if she isn't my favourite companion. Stephen Moffat really is a genius. A cruel, evil genius. Remind you of anyone? *cough* DerekLandy *cough*

Then there was the Christmas special, the time of the Doctor. I'd been dreading it ever since the 50th, because I never, ever, want to see matt smith leave. Even if he does go out in a burst of firey glory, I DONT WANT HIM TO GO!.
But it was good. It was great.

And, Peter Capaldi...   still haven't decided if I like him as the doctor...   I'll give him a chance.
But if he blows it...

Take that as a warning, Capaldi.
- Calidae Xx

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Call me old fashioned. Call me whatever you want. But I've just started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and IT IS EPIC!!!!!!!!

Well, I say just started. I'm almost at the end of the 4th series.
I'm slightly panicing though, because I got my friend obsessed with it too, and she's catching up to me rapidly. She is the WORST at spoilers - if she overtakes me, nothing will be new. I only get to watch one or two episodes a night, while she's watching three or four....

My fav character by FAR is Spike. HE's SO COOL AND FUNNY :D

And more spike

 Okay, I'll restrain myself. I'll stop.
For now...

Meeting People!

Ever since I first met everyone in blogland, I've always wanted to meet someone in real life.

Living on an island that is near NOWHERE (apart from aussie) didn't really help my case.

But then I met the first ever NZer-minion on the blog.
Who, it turns out, happens to live in the same city.
....aaaaand go to the same school.

We'd been passing eachother in the corridors for years, oblivious. How cool is that!

So I got to meet a bloglandian for the first time and it was awesome. It was only breif, but still :D

Oh, and I've decided to get this blog up and running properly again.
But I usually say that every time.

- Calidae

Friday, 29 March 2013


Its out! Officially! The Maleficent Seven is out!

Not in NZ, though. But once again, I still have the book before its release date (in NZ) second time in a row. I am good.

So, we first got a sneak preview of the cover a while back...

And, personally, I thought that this cover would be epic.

But it was not so.

We then saw THIS, and I almost died it was so awesome.

And THEN, much more recently, this came out...
Its epic. Look at it! Its a poster ant I NEED it! Its awesome. Ive read TMS, and can safely say, it is awesome. Erm, what else...  oh! Also, the Exquisite Corpse Comp look really exciting!
Argh how do I get the writing to behave I wanted all of this paragraph to be BELOW the picture. Its messed up. Anyway, quick post, but I thought it'd be better than nothing - happy easter!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Guilt + Life

Okay. I am sorry, I truely am.
I CANNOT keep up a blog, or anything similar. The same thing happens when I try to keep a diary. It just...   fails. I never do anything in it. I never write, I never update. And every time I DO I promise to myself that I will change. This time, it will be a regular thing I do.

So, I apologise to you. For being a born slacker.

Now that thats out of the way, I may aswell get on with my bloggy life.
Not much has happened, which is a SCARY change. I miss all the adventure my life had been full of while trekking off around the world...   And now i'm back in my tiny country, away from the rest of the WHOLE world, and life is normal.

And it sucks.
But oh well.

SO. What HAS happened is what i'm going to write about, as apposed to what hasnt.

School started (whoppee) I'm officially a year 8.

And my writing has been happenning. As apposed to not happenning. My latest project called Nowhere to Run is a SP/HP fanfic, which I'll hopefully post as a blog at some stage. I don't usually do fanfic, so it was new, but so far I'm pretty happy with it. The writing quality, I admit, isnt my best, but oh well.

And I really cant think of anything else thats worth writing.
Poor, boring me.

BUT I promise I WILL post more often. PROMISE.

- Calidae

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Posting because im forcing myself to.

Hi. Word of warning - im not very good at updating blogs, or anyhting like that. So yeah. But now and then, I remember, and am like 'damn.... I really need to write something...' and then I get distracted and never do.
But here I am. Finally posting something.

Hmm. The allignment of the writing seems to be confused...        meh. It matters not.

Sorry. Just had to post that fella.
It just cracks me up.

Anyway, where was I....   oh yeah. Okay, so, im just gonig to fill this post with random stuff, recent happenings, etc, and it will be as LONG AS POSSIBLE only becuase it puts off writing my essay, which is half done, and was due two days ago....

Damn, dont you just hate homework!!? The guy who invented it really, truely sucks.

So, first major thing for me since I last posted was that I am now back in NZ. My home counrty. Where I am destined to stay, for some reason.

It is incredibly hard and annoying. For those of you who didnt know (aka most of you) I have been basically travelling the world for a year and a half, and as a 12 year old, the amount of places ive been is impressive. If I do say so myself. But now ive returned, to my home, and its very depressing. Nothing happens. It dawned on me recently - this routine i'm getting myself into is not going to change. At all. For many, many years.

I mean, Im stuck here, in a country, where nothing happens!!! I mean, seriously. The biggest news we've had all year (not kidding here, ask any kiwi they'll agree instantly) is that damn penguin (long story made short, an emperor penguin washed up on one of wellingtons beaches, not paticularly healthy, but very much so alive. It was named Happy Feet.) that was the top story for five weeks, and our very depressing marmite shortage. Yes. We have a marmite shortage. And not that brown english muck (well, not muck to you brits, and no offence meant, england is awesome :D ) the real deal.

There must be more to life than this. If this is life, a routine that never happens where everything is so dull, then life sucks. Why does it have to be so boring!!!? I should be doing amazing things, not sitting here doing nothing....

Anyway. I could go on about that for hours.
But I wont.

 That is hilarious too.

Next thing - I am suffering immensly. Derek writes quickly, compared with a lot of authors, but it still takes to long. Boo.

GOOD NEWS is that someone at Harper Collins stuffed up and the rumors ARE true we ARE getting a mini book thing!! On tanith!! Woohoo!!

But there is no hints whatsoever that we are getting our Tanith back.

Doctor Who: If any of you still havent seen that last episode, then before you watch it, bring an extra large box of tissues and a mug of hot chocolate, and be prepared for something tradgic.

It was SO SAD.

I feel sorry for the doctor.
And Amy and Rory.
Rory the Roman.
Hey, has anyone noticed, Rory should've died four times or something like that!!?

Anyway, the worst bit (for us) is that THEY ARE SPLITTING THE SERIES BOO THEM. But, on the plus side, apparently this means that we are getting a DW movie YAY.

Umm, what else....
No. I cant think of antything else to write.

But I need to at some point still. Damn.

Okay, what else....


Oh yeah! SHERLOCK IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They better hurry up and MAKE THE NEXT SERIES.

Speaking of Sherlock, that actor who plays watson (I can never remember his name) is in the hobbit, with, you know, quite an important role. And the hobbit is being flimed and made by us. NZ. Yay.

We thought that would be a good thing - people might finally notice us!! Now, well, not so much. Every time I talk to a non NZer/Aussie, they always say: "New Zealand, eh?? Hey, isnt that where the hobbit was made??"

Damn. We will be known now for the rest of our existance as 'that place where they filmed the hobbit.'

Oh well, it was worth a try....

Oh no. Now I really cant think of anything else to write. How sad is that.
For me, I mean.
Because now I have to go off and write what i've officially named 'that damn essay.'


Still here???

Yeah me too.

p.s Sorry for dragging on....  it was for a good reason. If you even read to the end, you deserve a medal.

And now, to end it all... an epic pic.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Anyone reasonable will have heard of Valsnacks.
That are better than MARRshmallows.


Where was I? Valsnacks, okay. So. I'm wanting to make some valsnacks in real life - and I then realised I didnt know where to start. What are valsnacks!? Biscuits? or..   what? And what flavour are they!? What do they look like etc etc. So I am stuck.

Does anyone have any ideas?? How do you imagine valsnacks?

Im thinking maybe...    gingernut-like? The NZ type of gingernuts not the english style. English ginernuts are soft in comparason to our teeth-breaking rocks of giner goodness that can only be eaten by dunking into milk or something.

Maybe? Im clueless.

Help please!! Any ideas ANYONE??