Friday, 14 September 2012


Anyone reasonable will have heard of Valsnacks.
That are better than MARRshmallows.


Where was I? Valsnacks, okay. So. I'm wanting to make some valsnacks in real life - and I then realised I didnt know where to start. What are valsnacks!? Biscuits? or..   what? And what flavour are they!? What do they look like etc etc. So I am stuck.

Does anyone have any ideas?? How do you imagine valsnacks?

Im thinking maybe...    gingernut-like? The NZ type of gingernuts not the english style. English ginernuts are soft in comparason to our teeth-breaking rocks of giner goodness that can only be eaten by dunking into milk or something.

Maybe? Im clueless.

Help please!! Any ideas ANYONE??

Monday, 10 September 2012

Keep calm... 2!!

While I was there, I just got lost in all the things I could keep calm about! So...

A personal favourite.
 Though thinking about it, if your one of the bad guys, you probably shouldnt keep calm if you see the Skulduggerys bentley. Just saying. 

Keep calm and...

Yes. They are amazing. AND BETTER THAN MARRshmallows!!!

Random stuff

This blog is for...         random stuff. That will usually be related to Skulduggery Pleasant, knowing me.


Thats it.

Am I supposed to write more??

What is there to write??

* hands out Valsnacks, and makes a quick escape while everyone is preocupied *
There. That was easy...