Thursday, 7 February 2013

Guilt + Life

Okay. I am sorry, I truely am.
I CANNOT keep up a blog, or anything similar. The same thing happens when I try to keep a diary. It just...   fails. I never do anything in it. I never write, I never update. And every time I DO I promise to myself that I will change. This time, it will be a regular thing I do.

So, I apologise to you. For being a born slacker.

Now that thats out of the way, I may aswell get on with my bloggy life.
Not much has happened, which is a SCARY change. I miss all the adventure my life had been full of while trekking off around the world...   And now i'm back in my tiny country, away from the rest of the WHOLE world, and life is normal.

And it sucks.
But oh well.

SO. What HAS happened is what i'm going to write about, as apposed to what hasnt.

School started (whoppee) I'm officially a year 8.

And my writing has been happenning. As apposed to not happenning. My latest project called Nowhere to Run is a SP/HP fanfic, which I'll hopefully post as a blog at some stage. I don't usually do fanfic, so it was new, but so far I'm pretty happy with it. The writing quality, I admit, isnt my best, but oh well.

And I really cant think of anything else thats worth writing.
Poor, boring me.

BUT I promise I WILL post more often. PROMISE.

- Calidae

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