Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Meeting People!

Ever since I first met everyone in blogland, I've always wanted to meet someone in real life.

Living on an island that is near NOWHERE (apart from aussie) didn't really help my case.

But then I met the first ever NZer-minion on the blog.
Who, it turns out, happens to live in the same city.
....aaaaand go to the same school.

We'd been passing eachother in the corridors for years, oblivious. How cool is that!

So I got to meet a bloglandian for the first time and it was awesome. It was only breif, but still :D

Oh, and I've decided to get this blog up and running properly again.
But I usually say that every time.

- Calidae

1 comment:

  1. That's SO COOL!
    I'm still yet to meet someone who's on the blog. It's hard fro me because most Aussie minions that I know are in Melbourne.

    AND it's SO COOL that you two where at the SAME SCHOOL!!!